Custom Orders

Not seeing an item for sale in the colors you want, or the one you want has already sold? Here you can submit a request for a custom cover or another object water marbled in the colors of your choice.

"Can I marble something other than an Omnipod cover?"

Although many of you are interested in designing a pod cover, if there is something else you'd like dipped it can be requested here as well. Just because you don't see it on this site, just means I haven't dipped it yet! Other materials and items that have been done in the past:

  • wallets

  • phone cases

  • license plate frames

  • Office/Desk Supplies

  • Skulls/bones

  • hair accessories

  • custom electronic cases

  • Bathroom Decor

  • tumblers

  • gift boxes

  • automobile accessories/car trim/shift knob

How long does it take to receive my order?

Covers that are requested personally will take me a bit longer to make, especially if I've got quite a few orders, so please be patient. Once I've spoken with you and we've figure out details, I should be able to have your order complete and ready to mail in a week, but I will communicate any delays should they occur. 

How much will my order cost?

Custom Omnipod Covers are $30 and other items are on a case to case basis, with the cost being reduced if you are providing the item being marbled. If you need me to revise something along the way there is no charge; I will make as many as are needed to insure you end up with something you love. While I have a wide array of colors, I do not have every shade, and in every design colors will mix differently so please keep this in mind. 

If you need ideas or want me to use a previous piece as inspiration, the buttons below will take you to the Art Archives. 

Otherwise, please check the bottom of the page for the custom order form!

Previous customer's photos as well as answers to some of your questions can be found joining the facebook group, where I make announcements when new pod covers are posted, or through Mused Mediums facebook page where you'll be able to read about other projects.

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Custom Order Form