My mother was more creative than anyone I've ever met. If she saw something she liked, she learned how to make it. The walls of our home (and even the insides of the cabinets) were covered with paintings, photos, and decorations that she had made somehow in her precious little free time. When she passed away in 2010, she passed on her supplies to me,  along with her love of bright quirky colors. Since then I’ve been spending my free time the same way as her, with this website as a portfolio of sorts.


Mad Scientist by Day, Artist by Night

I have a science degree from the University of Missouri, and currently work in a research laboratory in Kansas. My vacation days are usually spent camping, at a music festival when the weather is nice, road tripping to visit friends... or all of the above in one!  Other than that, every waking moment is spent creating. Art is a way for me to do my own experimenting at home, sans the rules and regulations of the workplace. This is why the things in my shop page are all very different, even if there are quite a few reoccurring mediums.

Everyone who has pushed me to start this website, or just to get my work out there one way or another would fill this page. My friends and family most of all have been the driving force, encouraging me when I needed it and laughing at me when I take this hobby waaaay too seriously. I can never thank you all enough. 


-Niki Miller